So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Catch Up
I'm behind on So You Think You Can Dance because I haven't been able to watch the episodes live, but I wanted to do a catch up blog.

So You Think You Can Dance choose their Top 20 this week, which will be the episode I will be focusing on. This was a combination Top 20 selection/show case episode.

First up was Fik-Shun Stegall. He's a Hip-Hop dancer who auditioned in Los Angeles. I think he's pretty amazing in his style. And he's the first to make it into the Top 20.

Another Hip-Hopper, Emilio also made it in.

Hip-Hop dancer Markus didn't make it.

Up next, Hip-Hop girl Mariah Spears made it in. I remember being a big fan of hers from last year, so I'm really glad she made it.

Cat tells us that Emilio picked up an injury and had to withdraw from the competition. So, Mariah and Fik-Shun are dancing as a duo. They danced to a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Luther Brown to "Ball" by T.I. feat. Lil Wayne.

The judges seemed to pick on Fik-Shun a bit with their comments but I don't know why. I thought they were both great.

Up next Contemporary dancers Makenzie Dustman and Jasmine Harper both made it.

Next, Ryan Johnson who auditioned in Memphis did not make it. The bad news continued after Ryan with several dancers not making it.

Two dancers were sent in together, Nico Greetham and Tucker Knox. I believe Nico is Courtney Thurston's boyfriend, whom I'm a big fan of. Unfortunately, she didn't make it but hopefully next year. Nico, however, did make it and so did Tucker.

Makenzie, Jasmine, Nico and Tucker danced a Contemporary piece choreographed by Stacey Tookey to "Goes On and On" by Sleeping At Last. I like how Cat calls Jasmine, Jasmine Harper. That's such a give away that there's another Jasmine in the competition.

The judges gave them a standing ovation and the piece brought Tucker to tears. The judges seem to love Makenzie. I thought it was a beautiful routine and they all looked great.

Up next were the Tap dancers. First up was Alexis Juliano and she was in. Curtis Holland was also in. Aaron Turner was next and he didn't make the cut... but... Aaron got in because of the vacancy left by Emilio.

Alexis, Curtis and Aaron performed a Tap routine choreographed by Anthony Morigerato to "You Really Did It (Live)" by Jason Mraz.

The judges gave them a standing ovation. They pretty much praised them all. Alexis is so frickin' precise. I love her. And you just know she is going to be super versatile. I really liked Aaron in that routine as well.

Up next were the animators Jade and BluPrint. I think both of these guys are amazing and they both made it. I think the best fake out they've done so far was on BluPrint.

Jade and BluPrint danced an animation routine choreographed by Christopher Scott to "Trigger (Original Mix)" by Kezwik feat. Mel Presson.

The judges gave them a standing ovation. There's only one thing to say after these guys dance, "ridiculous."

Up next was Contemporary dancer Carlos Garland. Carlos made it. David Lorenzo did not make it. Malece Miller was next and she made it. The trio performed a piece by Mia Michaels to "Stay" by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko.

Mia Michaels is back with a vengeance! What a fabulous routine. They were dancing so fast, it felt like they were time lapsed. The judges gave them a standing ovation but had some criticism for them. It looks like the judges are going to be tough this year.

Next, being given their results together were Ballroom dancers Serge and Brittany Cherry. Serge didn't make it but Brittany did. Jenna Johnson was up next. Two of her sisters have been cut from the show in the same spot. But Jenna made it in! Jive dancer Paul Karmiryan also made it. Up next were the Bersten brothers. Alan Bersten made it, Gene did not.

Alan, Brittany, Jenna and Paul danced to a routine choreographed by Louis Van Amstel to "Wings" by Little Mix.

The judges gave them a standing ovation but had some criticism for the boys. I thought they were really good, especially the girls.

Amy Yakima was next. It was obvious that she would make it. The judges clearly love her fierceness. Marissa did not make it. Tessa and Gabby also didn't make it. Megan Branch and Jasmine Mason were the last two dancers to get their verdict. From the spoiler from Cat, it's a good bet that Jasmine Mason made it and she did.

Amy and Jasmine danced a Sonya Tayeh routine to "Enjoy" by Bjork. The judges loved it. I thought Amy was so fantastic. She is the beast of this season! I think Mariah could challenge for that title as well.

Up next was the Top 10 guys routine by Christopher Scott. They danced to music called "Sand" by Nathan Lanier feat. Karen Whipple .The routine was about them manipulating the earth. They used sand as a prop. It looked really cool and the guys were all really good.

Next was the Top 10 girls Jazz routine, choreographed by Ray Leeper. It was a 60's style routine. They danced to "Lets Have a Kiki (Guwremix)" by Fanny Pak & District 78.

I don't think this routine did the girls justice. They are much better dancers than the routine showed.

I love this Top 20! I kind of don't want All-Stars this season because I want to see these dancers dance. It was a fantastic show! Can't wait for the next one!
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